Bandido 08 - A 3 day, 2 night adventure party!
Your Hosts

invite you to escape the holiday crowds and come join us for
some daytime recreation and nighttime partying this 4th of
July weekend.

We've secured Bandido Group campground which is right in our own back
yard - The Angeles National Forest. This means no traffic or long drives
(Whoo Hoo!). This is our 3rd event at Bandido and those who've joined us
before know they can expect good times without worrying about sobriety

Day Activities
Bandido group campground is a great place for “chillaxing”, taking in the
views or just enjoying a much needed snooze. If you want something more,
the Angeles National Forest offers all
sorts of outdoor adventure opportunities including
Rock Climbing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, and Trail Running.
You must provide your own gear for these activities.
So buy, borrow or rent those goodies.

Friday night there will be a scheduled drive / hike to a peak to
watch the fireworks down on the city skyline.
Do not bring any fireworks into the forest!

There *may* be a one or two scheduled hikes Friday and Saturday morning.
More info as we get closer to that weekend. If anyone wants to lead a hike or
two please let us know.

Rock Climbing / Bouldering  
Close to our campground there's Horse Flats climbing wall. There *may* be a
few top ropes set up ranging from 5.7 to 5.10.
We're in need of people to help set up some top ropes so please let us know if
you’d like to help.

*may* = this is a do-ocracy, please help us by leading a hike, mountain bike or
climb. We'll be happy to set up a schedule of events at the “ dome” for people
to post, sign up and meet up.

Let’s all be SAFE, do not explore on your own especially when you
are unprepared and unfamiliar with the area! Please be considerate,
we do not want to send search and rescue after you guys!

Nighttime Fun
If you've joined us before, you know what to expect. DJ’s, dancing, POI
spinning and booze booze booze!
Participants are encouraged to bring enough booze and mixers to share.
What better way to meet new people and to soothe those sore muscles after a
day of hard fun.
Tiki Fucko -
DJ Swerve spinning the best music all night.

What to Bring
This will vary based on which activities you plan on participating in. However,
we encourage all participants to pack their 10 essentials, appropriate shelter
and clothing for the weather.
You'll need to bring your own water for drinking, washing & showering.
There will be two locations for showers! (don't forget to bring your SunShowers!)
There are also opportunities for water play nearby, bring your swimsuit.
Keep in mind that this is car camping so spoil yourself and bring all the
comforts of home - Futon / Air mattress / Pillows / Love Seat -
we're not kidding!
(Click here for Camping rentals)

Don't forget your camera, fun toys, noise makers, instruments, outrageous

Participants are requested to donate a minimum of $15.00 per person.
This will help pay for the campground and nighttime entertainment.
We thank you in advance for your assistance. Pay at the campground.

Take the 210 Freeway to La Canada, take the
Angeles Crest Hwy/La Canada/ Flintridge exit.
Drive up the mountain on Hwy 2 for 28.5 miles to Santa Clara Divide Road.
Make note that once you pass Newcomb’s Ranch, Santa Clara Divide Road is
just 2 miles ahead on your left.
Follow this road for 2 miles, Bandido Campground (3N17E) will be on the left
side of the road. Make note of the letter E.
Here’s their web site with a map to help you out.
Newcomb's Ranch is also a great place to eat for those of you who don't want
to cook over the weekend.

Please try to car-pool, & don't forget your
ADVENTURE PASS if you plan on
parking anywhere outside the campground.

Now for the NO's
No bad attitudes!
No plans to party and drive!
No children, or pets.
If you can't handle your alcohol or have been rude and
obnoxious on other trips, please do not sign up.

Use the forums or message postings to communicate with other participants.

Adventure is key to filling up this story book we call life.
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